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Hi, I'm The Hemp Witch

But you can call me Tessa


The Hemp Witch is a glimpse into my love affair with herbal medicine, and a peek into the inner-workings of my brain's left and right hemisphere's as they attempt to intermingle.

I am an information-addict and an artist.

The Hemp Witch is my most dedicated attempt to exercise both my creative and intellectual passions.

I am the mad scientist behind every product, it's formulation, development, testing, & manufacturing.

I am the artist behind all graphic design, labeling, & web design.

I am the sales person, the mail-lady, the accountant, the gardener, and the wildcrafter..

I am The Hemp Witch, and I hope my hand-crafted products nurture you in the ways that creating them has nurtured me. 

My Mission is Simple

Ethical. Sustainable. Thoughtful. Informed. Fresh. Local. 

Wild Flowers

Just like you, I got tired of over paying for mass-produced, heavily processed CBD products that just weren't effective. 


I also got tired of seeing people with absolutely no background in herbal medicine formulating the same cut-and-paste remedies from google - often using poor quality, unsustainable, and unethical herbs in those formulas. Not to mention, dangerous methods of preparation!

In an effort to bring you the highest quality herbal CBD products, I started The Hemp Witch. I work with fresh plants, many of whom I ethically harvest myself. I have over 500 hours of formal herbal education from Green Path Herb School, a background in Bio-Chem, and have been a mentee of TCM under a classical master of the medicine for over 10 years. 

Continuing education is critical to me, and I never stop pursuing new avenues of knowledge, research, and education in an effort to bring you safe, ethical, and effective herbal remedies. 

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