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Made with True Full Spectrum CBD extract*, and infused with expertly decarbed whole hemp leaves and flowers, this product is sure to contain an array of phytochemicals to provide you with the  most true-to-form entourage experience out there.


While many companies claim supercritical distillates to be "Full Spectrum," this is simply not possible. It is true that a CO2 Extract is the "most pure," because the product is highly concentrated in Cannabinoids. This is because CO2 is only capable of  extracting Non-polar compounds. These highly concentrated products are not representative of whole plant extracts, however, and thus do not suffice to be considered "full spectrum" extracts. Do not be fooled by marketing tactics, and be weary of anyone claiming a distillate is a full spectrum product!


As an Herbalist, I find it is important not to selectively isolate or extract individual compounds from a plant while leaving the rest behind. This is how we end up with pharmaceutical grade substances, which can lead to contraindications and side effects. CBD isolates, the purest form of extract available on the market, has already begun to show its potential for side effects, ineffectiveness over time, and contraindications with pharmaceuticals. 


*With an Ethanol Extract, we are able to extract both Polar & Non-Polar compounds, which represents a more whole plant extract.  Since Cannabis can produce over 400 different phytochemicals per plant, why are we disrespecting it by selectively extracting only one or two? 



*Please note that these products are third party lab tested, and will contain a range of cannabinoids as close to the concentration you selected, but that each batch will vary slightly in potency. The label of the product you recieve will reflect the accurate potency.


See Product Photo's for Current COAs

Batch: CBDFSO4 (59mls)

Total Cannabinoids per Bottle: 1,634.3mgs


Per Bottle/Per Serving (1ml)

CBD: 1,498.6mgs/ 25.4mgs

CBC: 55.5mgs/.94mgs

D9THC: 33.6mgs/.57mgs

CBG: 45.43mgs/.77mgs


Batch: FSO15001 6/23

28 mgs CBD/ml

1.25 mgs CBC/ml

1.28 mgs CBG/ml

ND Delta9THC

1,652 mgs CBD/ Bottle

Flower Child 1,500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

$89.00 Regular Price
$79.00Sale Price
  • 1.Full Spectrum Cannabis sativa Extract (EtOH) (to provide a complete range of phytochemicals represented by the whole plant),

    2.  Whole, decarbed Cannabis sativa flowers and leaf to increase the terpene content without using standardized terpene additives or byproducts from the extraction process

    3.Organic Coconut MCT Oil

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