While hydrosols are normally the byproduct of the steam distillation process of essential oil making, they can also be made intentionally. Hydrosols contain many of the same benefits of the plants essential oils, but they are much safer, gentler, and perhaps most importantly, more sustainable. Spritz your pits, face, pillows, etc!


Unlike essential oils, which often take tons and tons of plant material to make just a couple of mililiters of oils,  hydrosols are a sustainable and safe alternative.



This organic Rose was grown by County Rail Farm in Missoula, Montana, and processed fresh with nothing but spring water to bring you the purest, sweetest smelling Rose hydrosol around!


*Hydrosols are not stable on their own due to their oil & water content, so I gently preserve them with food grade Ethanol in the lowest possible dilution.

Organic Fresh Rose Hydrosol