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Most herbs have an affinity for a particular body system. Understanding your own personal needs can be just a piece of the puzzle when choosing an herbal formula or simple. The herbs in this category have an affect on the liver; often stimulating and moving, which can have a variety of different results in the body. Be mindful when using herbs that affect the liver if you are taking prescription medications, as the herbs can interfere with your metabolic process.


My herbal tinctures are produced using fresh, wildcrafted herbs whenever possible, but may also be made from dry herbs that have been wildcrafted or produced by certified organic farms. 


Each herb has a unique solubility that is taken into account during the formulation process. Many herbalists mistakenly believe that using 100proof Alcohol makes for the strongest extract, but this is simply not true when we consider the many water soluble phyotchemicals that exist in many plants. By using appropriate dilutions of Alcohol and Water, I am able to achieve the most potent herbal extracts unique to each plant, ensuring a robust whole plant medicine that leaves very few compounds behind!

Simple Tinctures: Lymph & Liver

PriceFrom $15.00
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