Mini Traditional Herbal Smoking Blend (loose) 


 Contains Traditional smoking herbs that have been ethically wildcrafted from the local area or organically cultivated.


This blend is formulated for those who are smokers of Tobacco and/or Cannabis who would like a non-intoxicating alternative that supports nicotine dependency with Lobelia, an herb containing Lobeline which interacts with the brain in a similar way as nicotine, and offers a negligent THC content from Hemp, which boasts high levels of CBD. 


This blend smokes great on its own, but also mixes well with both Tobacco and Cannabis if preferred. It can be a great tool to support the reduction of consumption of either, or can be an alternative to smoking either. It acts as an herbal spliff, which traditionally contains both cannabis and tobacco, but instead contains the herbal alternatives Lobelia and Hemp. 


If you are not a smoker, I do not recommend you to start smoking anything, as all smoke products can have an effect on the lungs, especially if used in excess. See Disclaimer for more info.



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