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Get obsessed with these tiny crystal mushroom facial massage tools! Perfect for delicate undereye areas, apply a few drops of your favorite facial oil like Rose Hip Fruit Oil and get to work on eyebrows, cheekbones, undereyes, lips, and jawlines!  Excellent for tightening an toning the facial muscles, breaking up tense fascia, and lymphatic drainage!


Check out the crystal properties for each Shroom'

  • Unakite: Emotional Balance, Healthy Habits, Releasing Unhealthy Behavioral Patterns
  • Labradorite: Divination, Intuition, Protection
  • Kambaba: Jasper: Grounding & Calming, Wisdom & Courage, Nature Energy
  • Peace Jade: Personal Growth, Abundance, Clarity
  • Oolitic Limestone: Increase Intuition, Attract Abundance, Protection
  • Cherry Quartz: Emotional Harmony, Optimism, Energy
  • Obsidian: Psychic Protection, Pain Relief, Introspective, Emotionally Balancing

Crystal Mushroom Gua Sha Tool

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$4.00Sale Price
    1. To clean, dry skin, apply a delicate layer of facial oil, such as Healing Hemp Facial Serum, or Rose Hip Fruit Facial Oil
    2. Picking your mushroom up by the stem, gently massage undereyes, under cheekbones, eyebrows, lips and cupids bow, forehead, and jawline in upward & outward motions, starting from the center.
    3. 10 gentle strokes per area, per side is typically sufficient.
    4. At the end of each session, gently glide your Gua Sha tool down the neckline towards the collar bone, paying special attention to your right side. This is one of your major lymphatic drains, and helps guide stagnant tissue that has been broken up out of the body.
    5. Carefully wash your tool with a delicate soap (close those drains up, they are slippery!), and apply a drop of facial oil to seal any cracks in the stone.
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