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Learn more about what The Hemp Witch has to offer your business below!

Custom Product Development

Own a local dispensary or other business, but aren't sure how to bring the product of your dreams into fruition? Let The Hemp Witch get to work and help make your proprietary Cannabis Products a reality. 


Have an established product line that you wish to improve or medicate? The Hemp Witch offers Consulting to help you achieve the most effective, high-quality Formula for your own unique needs.


Looking to increase your product inventory with locally produced, expertly handcrafted, fresh herb & hemp CBD products? The Hemp Witch offers Wholesale accounts for most of her branded products to other ethically aligned businesses!

Formulating & Manufacturing

The Hemp Witch will Consult with your business and determine if you need some hands-on support for improving your products. If you are a dispensary interested in The Hemp Witch line of products, and simply want to have them medicated with your own choice of Cannabis, this option is also for you!

Tessa Rose, The Hemp Witch


A professionally educated herbalist with a background in BioChem & Mandarin Chinese and a hunger for learning, Tessa works day and night to learn the ins and outs of manufacturing. With 3 years of experience working with Cannabis & Hemp derivatives, she brings her expertise to the community of Missoula to help local dispensaries improve the quality of products on their shelves. Just like you wouldn't ask a painter to do your plumbing and expect a good outcome, you shouldn't ask your employees to make top-shelf Cannabis topicals that are competitive, effective, & safe. Leave the manufacturing to the experts, and contact The Hemp Witch today to find out how we can improve or create the best products for your unique business needs!

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